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BB cream samples! [Aug. 16th, 2008|03:35 pm]

all samples (around 5ml) stored in 5g Jars and bubble wrapped, inclusive of normal postage

Chocolate BB cream - $6
Lovely Girl BB cream- $6
Skin79 Super+ Oil free BB cream-$7 
Skin79 Whitening BB cream-$7
Skinfood Aloe BB cream Shade #2-$5
Scandal BB cream- $3
Skin79 DermaRX BB cream-$6
Skin79 Pearl BB cream-$7
Skin79 Hologram BB Cream-$7
Skin79 Triple Function oil free bb cream-$7
Skin79 Gold Label BB Cream-$7

11 bb creams :o i'm still in search of a suitable bb cream for me and i cant finish them all!
besides the samples, i also have a BN tube of skin79 dermarx and chocolate bb and skin79 gold label to sell! 
Email kirashoppe@yahoo.com.sg if interested!

Lovely Girl Bb Cream-$6 per sample

Scandal BB cream-
$3.00 per sample

retailing at Sasa

Skinfood Aloe-$5 per sample

Skin79 BB Cream
Bought for  $56, $7 per sample

Skin 79 DermaRX BB Cream - $6 per sample

Skin 79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream -$6.50 per sample

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Skin79 Gold Hologram Pearl BB Cream- $6.50 per sample
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[User Picture]From: iceminx
2010-03-03 06:03 am (UTC)
which type would you recommend for pale skin? I realize this post is very old, but i wanted to try one of these... Thank you!
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[User Picture]From: kirashoppe
2010-03-06 02:12 am (UTC)
hi babe
the skin79 pearl/hologram ones or scandal bb cream would be more suitable i guess :) but most bb creams are alr for more fairer skin yep
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[User Picture]From: iceminx
2010-03-09 03:54 am (UTC)
<3 TY!
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[User Picture]From: iceminx
2010-03-15 02:05 am (UTC)

BB cream

I got my first BB cream in the mail this weekend *excited* the Skin79 Water Drop and I LOVE it! Thanks again for your advice and recommendations!!
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